Auto upload/ manual download issues

thought i wrote this but looks like ill rewrite again

Does nextcloud work? Can someone prove it?

It does not work. It is issue after issue after issue. Sort does not work, uploading does not work, downloading does not work, nothing works on this

Is there a reason


I am a NextCloud user. I am using it since last year or so.

I found about the nextcloud once Google stopped their Unlimited Photo backup feature. I found NextCloud to be a excellent Google Photo’s / Google Drive or any such Cloud alternative with full control over my own data.

Now to use NextCloud as alternative to Google Photo or any such Cloud backup service, I need that upload / download feature to work as flawless. It works, as otherwise, I couldn’t used it for this long.

Coming to your issue, if you may please take some time to elaborate your issue in details. It would be helpful for other users to try and troubleshoot the issue with your setup.

Kindly consider including details like,

  1. Are you using NextCloud from a Service Provider or it is self hosted?

If the NextCloud is self hosted kindly mention further details,

  1. Your Hardware Details
  2. Your Network overview and details
  3. OS
  4. How did you deploy nextcloud? Is it a snap install or docker method or is it a native direct installation or you are using VM?

Please mention what error you are finding when you are trying to open NextCloud via your browser?


I take a pic
I see the nextcloud icon in the notifaction bar, says uploading
They are set to go to chris’sfolder>photos
I go there and I see nothing
I sort by modified and it does not sort
I can see the files on the nextcloud mobile app, but not the when I go to URL
I search and it finds it
The pics I took yesterday are about the bottom of the list when sorted, so it says 11 days ago, 2 weeks ago, 1 month ago, then 11 hours ago. That is how it sorts
Sometimes I have to refresh over and over to get them to appear
Trying to download and getting nonstop network error
After trying 7 times it works
And then there is the mysterious open resty error that has been determined by this entire community I am the only one with that issue and it is unresolvable

ryzen 7 with radeon 580, 32GB ddr4, 128GB m.2 and 8TB seagate barracude and a 4 port intel NIC
demarc>modem>UDM pro>unifi switch>unmanaged trendnet switch>nextcloud
nginx proxy


Which Mobile Device? Android or iOS?