Auto upload (in the background) on iOS simply doesn't work

I love NextCloud and what it stands for, but without a functioning auto upload feature it simply can’t be a viable option.

First off, for auto upload to “work” in the background it requires your device’s location to be constantly running. Why they couldn’t figure out a more efficient way for photos and videos to be uploaded in the background is beyond me.

Second, IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK! You must manually launch the app to start uploads and even then you can’t even leave the screen or switch apps.

Quick story: A buddy of mine, also a fellow NextCloud user, was recently pulled over by law enforcement. The cop was abusive and destructive and my buddy recorded their conversation and altercation via video. Seeing his phone, the cop snatched it and deleted the video off of his phone and made sure to delete it from ‘recently deleted.’ My buddy had his location settings and auto upload on (iOS), only to find that the upload was non-existent. His chance at a settlement and exposing corrupt law enforcement was thrown out the window all due to a non-functioning auto upload feature.

This is a must fix by the devs.

I’m not a Nextcloud iOS developer, however - are you aware of the limitations of the iOS platform?

All bigger players use location services in order to trigger uploads in the background as it is the only way to do it on iOS.

Have same issue with iOS
Auto upload in background is not working no matter what you do.
Can somebody from iOS development team fix this on the next release.