Auto Upload: file uploaded 14 times


I have problems with the auto upload, the file is uploaded multiple times. This is the database file from oruxmaps. I only faced this on the db file from oruxmaps, pictures and screenshots are uploaded correctly.
Android Oreo 8.1
BQ Aquaris X2 pro
Nextcloud Android App 3.3.0 from f-droid
No content in nextcloud.log file.

Any Idea why this happen?


Hi @Micha-Btz,

My guess is that for the db file you configured a “custom folder”, right?
The auto upload for customer folder re-uploads any file within the watched folder in case it changes, so multiple uploads of the same file can happen if the file changes. Can’t tell for sure if this is true for your case but I’d guess so.

cc @mario just to be sure I am doing an educated guess here.

You’re right - if a file changes, it’ll get uploaded again.