Auto Upload does not work on Android (6.0)

I have here a LG G4 (Android 6.0), Nextcloud App 3.2.1, new Nextcloud 13 Server.
The Server works only in the local network with http (no ssl) for now. That works fine for file sharing, phone, browser, Mac app etc.

The automatic photo upload does not work most of the time. It worked 8h ago for 1 testing pic (when I first turned it on). Now I took several pics - no upload. Opened the app, still no upload.
Changed settings, switched sync on and off etc. - suddenly the last 5 pics got uploaded.

Now I try again, change all settings, change the folder, switch sync on/off, have app open, have it closed, restart it - no chance, pics don’t get uploaded.

I also activated sync for screenshots - no screenshots get uploaded.
I manually uploaded a file - and suddenly also the last screenshot I took got uploaded (not the camera pics).

I also have Google Photos running which uploads pics, maybe that is a “bad influence”, but it shouldn’t affect screenshots.

For now it is absolutely unpredictable when things get uploaded or not. Maybe some pics get uploaded when playing around with settings and some luck - but I wouldn’t count on it.

Any ideas? Does someone use the Android app for automatic upload of pictures without problems?



The nextcloud client app could be suppressed by android operating system.


Change that setting for the nextcloud client and reboot your phone.

Thanks, did that, rebooted, but did not help.

The picture auto-uploads are REALLY random, it sometimes works (at random moments), I could not reproduce in which conditions it works and in which not.

e.g. after the phone reboot it suddenly uploaded pictures from yesterday, also after a full restart of the app (via settings)…
sometimes it suddenly uploads pics I took half an hour ago while I watch a youtube video.

and then I try to take pics, screenshots (also set to be uploaded), open the app, change settings, close the app, open again, browse in the app, load files from the server (so the app has a connection and loads files perfectly) - but NO WAY to trigger an auto upload of pictures.

It does not work on Android 5 as well.