Auto Upload Delay


I’m running my OC on the following config:

NC v. 13.0.0
FreeBSD 11.1 VM on a FreeBSD 11.1 Host
Apache version 2.4.29
MySQL version 10.1.31
PHP Version: 7.1.13

The release of Android client 3.03 fixed my LG problems, but I’m experiencing an issue with my S5. Still to test on S6 and S8 phones when the kids come home over the WE.

With my G5 a take the picture and immediately the client starts the upload process. With my S5 it doesn’t.

Last night I played with that several times, uninstall/reinstall the client, and the auto upload won’t start the upload after the pic is taken.

For instance, my last test was:

Pic taken 2:42 pm;
27 minutes later wasn’t on my server, so I went to the auto upload folder and refreshed the account - The pic didn’t appear there;
Went back 'n forth and suddenly it showed up (Didn’t notice the NC icon on phone status bar);
Trying to check the time stamps, I’ve noticed:

Pic taken 3:14 pm
27 minutes later it appeared after my back 'n forth/refreshes
Time stamp on Upload logs on phone showed 2:47 pm, so 5 minutes after pic was taken.

Not sure how to go troubleshooting this, so any help appreciated. Also let me know if there are any logs I can provide from the phone.