Auto Upload categories

Hi there. Not sure where to post this as I’m not sure if it is an nextcloud, android or unraid issue.
I have S7 with android and have installed the nextcloud app.
When i go to the autoupload section it has one category I do not understand with sorts of point back to the server.
Normally the origin of the files are are like /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera but one have the following
The category is “Photos” but it has no pictures and the icon just say “+389KB”

How do i remove this Category?

Also: Is it possibel to remove some of the other categories in the auto upload section?

Hi @MrVilla
there are no possibilities to remove found categories at the momen as for the issue with the +389KB folder, could you please open an issue for this on the issue tracker of the app at

That way you’ll reach all developers of the app :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll do that:)

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Thanks :slight_smile: