Auto update select folders

Hello, first try to get it working.

I am trying to auto update some folders on android, but it seems nothing happens.

First of all what I want is sync the phone, so that if I loose the phone have everything saved elsewhere. It seems a very common and easy task, but not so easy to do.

Second I imagine auto upload is the way to go, because on the Nextcloud android app there is no “sync” facility.

the 3 vertical points on the upper right of the app allow to setup a custom folder on the phone and on nextcloud. Ok, did that and selected the whole ext SD card, then disable the battery saving as requested, but found no “start” button to begin syncing or auto-upload. In fact it does not start. it only saves the settings. Also found no option to set “when” to do that, perhaps by night when everybody is sleeping.

Fourth, on the main screen, showing the folders to be synced and many other folders not to be synced there are lots of folders not to be synced that are on the ext SDcard, but the whole ext SDcard is to be synced, so this is confusing, it seems that a lot of folders that I want to sync are not marked to sync, even if they are contained in the ext SDcard set to sync.

Sorry to disturb with basic questions, but please help me.

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The Nextcloud app doesn’t sync a folder but uploads changed files. So if you’ve just installed the app, it will automatically upload all files created after that date in the configured folders. All files which have been created prior that date will not be uploaded.

If you want to upload these files too, you have to select them and upload it manually using the Nextcloud app.