Auto update installed nextcloud apps

Hi there, is there a way to auto-update apps to the newest version?

or is there an app that can do that?

I have made a search for an app, but nothing comes up. will there be such a setting in the future?



well you could run sudo -u www-data php occ app:update --all as a cronjob (or just for specific apps, see Using the occ command — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation)
Not sure if this is really a good idea, though.

Another way: GitHub - ChristophWurst/unattended_upgrades: Updates Nextcloud apps automatically (though this isn’t really maintained atm: App store release · Issue #5 · ChristophWurst/unattended_upgrades · GitHub)

Why not? I always just go update whatever apps NC tells me need updating. but I am curious what it is that you do when updating or deciding whether or not to update an app that would be different than just having it automatically update when it becomes available?

I’m not aware of any data that could help me decide to [not] update an app when an update is available, so just curious what data you are using.

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There was an issue once and the “Update avaolable” section had been added.
Not the auto update feature itself though: