Auto install script for Debian 10 nextcloud v18 | Auto Installs apps like: Collabora Office, Calendar, Contacts and more!

Hello everyone!

I have finally completed and are ready for the world to use my install script for Nextcloud V18 this script will auto install your server for you and get you on the proper road! The scrip has been installed and tested on about 5 servers over the past 3 ish months and working perfectly.

To use my install script you must be running root user account and have at least the following server specs:

OS: Debian 10.2.0 ( or higher )
CPU: 2v core ( or more )
RAM: 5GB ( or more )
HDD: Your choice ( min 30GB )

The script will install the following:

  • Apache2 ( with all required supporting modules )
  • php version 7.4 ( with all required modules )
  • configure php for 99GB upload limit and allow memory usage up to 4GB
  • configure opcache & reds / mem cache
  • mysql server ( will config the server for you and create databases )
  • Install docker for Collabora server

apps -

  • AppOrder
  • Breeze Dark
  • Calendar
  • Collabora Online
  • Contacts
  • External storage support
  • Extract
  • Flow upload
  • Guests
  • Impersonate
  • LDAP user and group backend
  • OCC Web
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Right Click
  • Two-factor- TOTP Provider
  • Write Support For LDAP

How do I get the install started!?

Command 1: su -

Command 2: wget && chmod +x && ./

Notice: After install the username is: Admin and the password is : Password-123 please change the admin password after the install is completed.

Is there anything else that I should know about?

  1. The script includes some handy features like install of nextcloud / a script to help you update your apps / a script to backup and update nextcloud to a new version.

  2. The script auto installs MYSQL and the database needed. This is configured with a static username and password that can be changed if you know how to do this. MYSQL server is limited to localhost only and is not accessible from the outside world. If you update the password my backup and update script will no longer function.

  3. There is absolutely no logging or monitoring installed along with this script your server remains private and I never collect any logs or install metrics. Nothing!

  4. Can you assist me if I have some issue during the install ? Yes sure just post a screen cap of where you are stuck or any errors that you have and I will work with you to get the issues solved. If you run the script on Debian 10.2.0 or higher there should be 0 issues.

  5. How can I make my server accessible over HTTPS? I do not provide in the install HTTPS access this is left to you to decide. My simple suggestion is to use an Nginx Reverse proxy to do this for you using a separate VM or VPS. You can find my config files in the link below.

If you would like to have the server accessible over HTTPS please use nginx reverse proxy to do that part. I have posted my nginx reverse proxy config files here: