Auto Generate Files for New User

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Its possible to change the auto generate files for new user like Nextcloud Manual.pdf, Nextcloud intro.mp4.

We would like to change it using our own manual.

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Only i need is to replace again the file when i updated the server

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I’m working on skeleton mechanics.

The skeleton files are use just one time at user account creation.

How to make the skeleton files to be update for all user after updated them even if the account is already create?

For an exemple, in my skeleton I only have our user manual file. But I update it sometime, and I would like when I update it in skeleton that, the new user manual file to be probagate to all new and existing account user.


put the manual in a groupfolder (groupfolder app) or create a tech user, put the manual in one of its folders and share it. or?

where the advisable directory for my skeletondirectory?

what about /var/local/nextcloud/skeleton or /srv/nextcloud/skeleton ?

nevertheless you should think about putting the files in a shared folder, if you plan updates of that file.

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