Auto DL Video / rss feed?

Hallo ist es möglich 3 zusätzlichen Einstellungen zu erstellen ?

Option 1. Downloard
Ein klickt darauf und er ladet den angewählten rss-feed in den allgemein Ordner

Option 2.
Er macht das automatisch sobalt es was Neues gibt

Option 3.
Man kann einstellen was er machen soll bei Punkt 1/2

Ziel ist es Ein video von youtube zu bekommen in Auflösung Max Cover auf MAX info Text in einer txt/md

Ort/Ordner: Name des Rss-feeds Wie im Bild “

Hello it is possible to create 3 additional settings ?

Option 1. Downloard
One clicks on it and it loads the selected rss-feed into the general folder

Option 2.
He does it automatically as soon as there is something new

Option 3.
You can set what to do at point 1/2

The aim is to get a video from youtube in Max Cover resolution on MAX info text in a txt / md
Location / folder: Name of the Rss feed As in the picture “

Hey, sorry but it’s very unlikely at the moment due to missing developers the app is moving in very small steps.

It is a pity :frowning:
Got a bigger project

Plex Server
Rss Feed

That would still be missing
team up? “Video Converter App”

I think the Video Converter App is also missing some human resources.
So we will have to wait and see if the news app will get more attention in the future.

Just copy the Youtube link and paste it into JDownloader and press “Start downloading”


for what?

i wanted a way in the app about rss automatically
And don’t do everything by hand :expressionless:

ocDownloader supports youtube-dl. aria2c does not support downloading from RSS, but:
API for the ocD* app
API for the Nextcloud News app

that’s the problem

Right, notice I also offer you a solution: extend the available API for both News and ocDownloader to add RSS support.

API for the ocD* app
API for the Nextcloud News app