Auto Backup inclufing nextcloud PI image

Would be great to see an auto back-up option to back up the USB data drive to another external USB drive. Something that would act as an easy recovery if the original usb data drive fails.
This would include the option to remove the backup drive and keep it for safe storage and periodically plug in for the backup.

In addition to data and db backup, it would be nice to have a rolling backup for the RPI image. Something like a mirror image of Nextcloud PI, data and db that makes for an easy recovery.

I’m pretty sure there already exists a way how to handle the functionality requested by you.
But for me, this is out of scope of nextcloud.
Might be possible for an “as it was shipped” nextcloud box, but to work reliable a backup solution must be tailored to the local setup.


just so you know, the correct sub-forum for NextCloudPi is

I have been asked this informally a number of times. I will probably implement it.

Would you like to open a feature request in the relevant Github tracker?

You can just copy and paste this :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am still trying to get the hang of github and all the forums and sub forums for nextcloud, so not sure if this is posted in the correct spot.
Wasnt sure what I should copy/paste.

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that’s perfect,