Authentication with Clients failes randomly

Hi all,

I’m getting kinda frustrated with my nextcloud lately. I have it set up on my home server and it always served me very well but lately I have been having problems with clients. I’m not just talking about the Desktop Client for syncing but also with my DAVx Client on my Android, my Password Manager Client in my Browser, my FolderSync Client or even my Nextcloud Client on my Mobile.

Lately they follow a trend of loosing authentication. Every now and then I have to renew the login. Which is really annoying because I use 2 Factor Authentication. I have to go and generate a new App-Password every time. I also kinda depend on the login to work because I use my calender over DAVx all the time and also keep my mobile data backed up with this. And all of this is really annoying because I just set up my mothers mobile for backups on my server which is also sometimes failing.

I don’t know what the issue here is and I don’t really know how to troubleshoot something like this. I can’t repoduce it. It happened to my desktop client this night while synchronisation but I got no errors regarding this in my nextcloud log.

I’m on the newest Version my System will update to (24.0.2), got no problems recognized with the scanner thingi in the settings. I use Apache to host, MySQL Database on a Ubuntu Server 20.4 LTS.