Authenticating my NC12 with Google Oauth2? SAML? Lost!

So, I’ve been lurking for a few days, trying my best to do research to figure out how I can do the following, but I’m seriously stumped. Hope someone can offer some advice, or possibly write a nice howto?

I think NC12 supports this, but I’m not exactly a web developer so some of this OAuth2 and SAML stuff is over my head. All I’d like to do is authenticate users in my NC12 instance against Google. So, will use Google to log into my NC12 instance. Now, I have no idea what is best or what is supported, but I do see that Oauth2 and SAML are thrown around a lot. I’m assuming I’d need some kind of setup on the Google end, but I’ve also never done that before. Could someone offer me some hints please?

Is this a valid starting point?

I’m running:
NextCloud 12.0.3
PHP 5.6.30
Apache 2.4.45