Audioplayer search does not add album/artist

When I search for an album/artist in audioplayer and want to add this search result as my playlist, it does not change but instead it remains on the playlist as before.

My environment:
-NC 15.0.2
-audioplayer 2.5.1


1-Album from beatles in playlist

2-Searching for Rolling stones + clicking on artist: rolling stones

3-Still showing the beatles
expected behavior: switching playlist to artist Rolling Stones

I already tried to reset my music library, but did not help.
Does anyone know how to solve this please?

Please provide environment information.

NC version
App version

Can you share a screenshot explaining your issue?

I’ve updated my initial post with the required information.


Hello @wouterve
thank you for reporting this. I will have a look.
for quicker reference, please use a github issue next time if possible…