Audio Player not finding files on external HDD


I recently installed nextcloud 12 on a raspberry pi and also added a 1TB external USB 2.0 HDD to store some data.

I also added my music library to the hdd (about 80GB) and wanted to stream the music with the internal audio player app but the app won’t find any music when I scan.

The only way to listen to music is to directly go to an album folder (the music is sorted in folders like this: artist -> album -> .mp3 files), directly play a song within the folder view and then switch to the audio player. The audio player will now find the whole album (e.g. folder) where I came from and index all the songs in this album but not more.

How can I set the folder to search the music for manually in the audio player? I haven’t found any information about this.

Thanks in advance!

Specific Media Folder


Thank you very much. I only looked for audio player settings in the administration page and never in the user settings :see_no_evil: