Audio Player App

In App Audio Player it should be possible to import pictures of covers of artists.
After an update it is not possible any more.
I checked database and find out that in the database oc_audioplayer_albums
the cover is missing. Is there a problem or is it stored somewhere else?


thank you for your feedback.
unfortunately I cant really tell what the issue is. Scanner? ID3 Editor?
AP currently only keeps Album Covers - not track specific covers.
the first track cover will set the album cover.

you could do me a favor and log an issue in GIT. Then we can ensure that everything is documented and tracked.

I think there is a change in version 3 cause I loaded the App with last version 2 and there it works.
Maybe that helps you to solve the problem.

I forgot to tell you that it was not possible to store the cover cause if I klick on save then nothing happens.

I know what you mean know.
it is a historic flaw in the ID3 editor. when an artwork is changed, the cover is changed in the very file - but not in the connected album.
The focus is clearly on the player/scanner at the moment. If you could open an issue it would be helpful to have it tracked for the next release.

Workaround (for small libraries): when you edit the cover and then reset/rescan the library, the change is taken into account.

we will release v1.4 within the next days which got quite some additional features as e.g. folder filter or covers from cover/folder.jpg/png in addition


Sorry I am not used to open an issue cause I do not know how and where to open it.
If you help me I will do it and of course I will test your app as you described.
I remember if I was looking in sql database I have not seen it there but in
version 2 it is there. Maybe we are talking about different things?