Audio Player 2.3.0 – Back to Standard

Audio Player 2.3.0 – Back to Standard

Since v2.1.0 we improved the performace of Audio Player and added new features and improvements like playlist files with stream URLs, album artist and other metadata tags, better handling of albums of the same name, and a scanner with improved listing of duplicates (GUI and CLI).

Following the directive “Audio Player – Back to Standard”, we have implemented the sidebar as known from the Files app with cover art, full path as well as tabs with metadata and playlists. It will be enhanced with tabs for lyrics, ID3 editor and maybe ratings in the future.

The ID3 tag editor has been outsourced from the main app into the separate Audio Player Editor app/plugin for later development. There is no release available at this time.

Because we love the standards and do not want to reinvent the wheel, we removed the 360player on the sharing page and use the default HTML5 player for audio playback. This is also planned for the soundbar in the main player.

Have fun with the new release of Audio Player!

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