Audio Player 2.1.0

@Rello and I have released Audio Player 2.1.0 this week.

The following changes have been made in the versions 2.0.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, and 2.1.0:


  • FLAC support
  • Dynamic Playlists
  • second stage of Smart Playlists
  • favorites integration in Smart Playlists
  • dragging also from selected lists into playlists
  • support for Nextcloud 12 and 13
  • support for ownCloud 10.0
  • PSR-4 autoloader compatibility
  • disc, composer, and subtitle to metadata
  • notify user when new/unscanned tracks are available
  • FileHooks: library cleanup after deleting files
  • UserHooks: library cleanup after deleting users
  • more metadata to Share Player
  • 360° player MIME type hint
  • count albums of selected artist
  • zh_CN translation


  • CSS changes for navigation menu
  • compress .js files
  • default playlist sorting
  • sorting weight for navigation in apps selection menu
  • number of tracks in Smart Playlists
  • crop cover to middle square
  • cleanup of js functions
  • translation sources reworked
  • pl translation
  • uk translation
  • zh_TW translation


  • OCP\IDb replaced by OCP\IDbConnection
  • tipsy() replaced by tooltips()
  • ownCloud App Store (ocsid)


  • support for Nextcloud 9 and 10
  • support for ownCloud 9.0


  • missing strings added to language files
  • sorting albums by disc and track
  • limit year to 4 digits
  • undefined variable during empty category
  • DISCNUMBER tag ignored in VorbisComment
  • continuous playback of tracks without album cover
  • VERSION tag ignored in VorbisComment
  • progress bar of 360° player does not work
  • scanner truncates long multiple title properly
  • issue with files app
  • catch undeclared variable
  • raw cover data removed from metadata
  • playlist cleanup after deleting files
  • folder_id removed from duplicate check
  • catch playbar buttons triggering category selector
  • forcing reset of selectedIndex
  • PostgreSQL issue in favorites


  • avoid XSS in metadata

For a complete changelog please read the full release history.

Follow the development or file an issue on GitHub.


  • playlist files/streaming
  • optical changes in sidebar
  • metadata popup in playlists
  • more metadata in Share Player

Thank you so much !

Thanks a lot.

But I cannot play flac file on Android (NC 3.3.0) unless I use “stream with” which is a bit troublesome. Is it normal? or I missed something?

Playing flac on old version of android is really a mess.
It depends on your android version and the processor you got.
I have a samsung galaxy s6 edge and i cannot playback flac at all on Android Nougat, but i can in Oreo.
In iOS flac became integrated since version 10 or 11

Thank you for your prompt reply. I start using NC 5 months ago and just upgraded to 14.0.3 yesterday. Video streaming works instantly. And so I am pulling in more stuffs to NC server. :star_struck:

Strange, right after I made my first post on this thread, I find that Android NC 3.3.0 refuses to play even mp3 ?!? I can play it when I first install Audio Player during NC 13.0.~4. Mine is Nexus 5X. Not sure what is the cause. :weary:

For my flac files on android i gave up a little.
There is an app calles Neutron
There is a free to use time trial.
It work for my needs of flac webdav streaming but on my oreo version of LineageOS i have tons of bugs so i didn’t pay it.
You should try it on a stable version of android and see if it worth it

I just upgrade accordingly to what Google Play provide and think that it should be the stable version.
I have vlc, and “stream with” vlc is okay. Just need couple of touch(click) for each song. :rofl:

Yes but can you manage playlist ? Offline mode ?