Assistance with connecting mail app to our local mail server

Hello Team,

I’m trying to test out the mail app (version 0.7.10) connecting to our locally hosted mail server. I’ve been able to successfully have rainloop (module in Nextcloud) connect to our mailserver, but I’m having trouble with connecting this Mail app. I’m not receiving an error, just a spinning ‘Loading Accounts’ message that won’t stop loading. I’m using the same settings I used in Rainloop so I know that these settings are correct so I have no idea what is wrong with using these settings in this Mail app. is there a log for the Mail App that would assist me in determining what I’ve done wrong in setting up mail?

If there is special configuration that needs to be done in order to use the Mail app I would greatly appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. I did read the Admin guide and it appeared that using the Mail GUI settings is all I need. But I also see mention of adding default settings to a config. Could someone point me to which config I added my default mail settings too?

Thank you.

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How did you configure the mail app? Default configuration or each user individually?