Assign app to a group

I just added the talk application and i want to assign this app to a group of users but i can’t find how to. I’m running nextcloud 14.0.1 i have seen this option in nextcloud 13.



Normally it was on the apps page, when you click on the app you can restrict the usage to a certain group. Note that this is not possible for all apps.

i’m afraid that talk apparently can’t be granted to a group of users, only. (am running nc 13.0.7 at the moment and there’s no option anymore)

maybe in some future versions (again)?

i have enabled about 10 different app’s and i’m unable to assign any of them to a group.

as said earlier (above) - it depends upon the app itself. and i know of at least one app which even offers assining to groups but doesn’t work IF you use that option,

so it might be that you enabled 10 apps which don’t offer group-features.