Ask for Upgrade from 25.0.13 to 29.0.1

Now, i’am using nextcloud on linux server with 2TB data was uploaded on that server.
Version exsisting on 25.0.13 and latest version is 29.0.1.

What a best practice for me to upgrade nextcloud?

step-by-step upgrade

25 → 26 → 27 → 28 → 29


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thanks, i will check it.

but, when i delpoy a new server with latest version nextcloud.
can i migrate all the data from old server? i mean 2TB of my data.

or, this is not a best practise to do?

Is your goal to upgrade to a new version of Nextcloud? Or is your goal to migrate (move) to a completely different server?

If you are moving to a new server, it should be running the exact same version of Nextcloud as your old server. You can either: (a) upgrade the old server then migrate to the new server; or (b) migrate to the new server then upgrade the new server.

EDIT: Migrations: Migrating to a different server — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

If the data is only files, i.e. you don’t use other features of Nextcloud and you don’t have many users and shares, you can theoretically do it this way, but

You would have to set up everything from scratch: users, file shares, settings, apps, everything!

Also, all data that isn’t in files, such as calendar data, contacts etc, would be gone!!!

To move everything over as is, you’d have to migrate the database as well, and to make sure this doesn’t cause any issues, you can’t skip versions, so you’d have to do it like @Simon_Meyer and/or @jtr said.

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