As an Admin, I would like to have full sharing accesses, but allow only internal links sharing to my Users

I can’t find the way to keep full sharing accesses as Admin, avoiding public links sharing to other Users in the Group Folders that I manage. For Privacy & Security reasons, I would like that Users in my Group Folders can only share “Internal links”. Making various trials in Administration->Sharing settings:

  • if i check “Allow users to share via link” , then my Admin account is able to share public links, as well as all Users in my Group Folders.

  • if I uncheck “Allow users to share via link”, then all Users including my Admin account can only share “Internal links”

This is an urgent feature that I need to work with my business collaborators: can somebody say me how to solve this ?

Nextcloud setup: External hosting provider
Nextcloud version: 20.0.8
File sharing app version: 1.12.2
Group folders app version: 8.2.0