Armbian has Discontinued Support for Rock64

Hi and thanks for your work :slight_smile: And sorry for poor english.
One quick question.
I have NextCloudPi_09-02-20 updated to v1.46.9 running on Rock64 board and it says ‘Update to bullseye available’. But looking at there is no bullseye image for Rock64. Also at Rock64 – Armbian there are no bullseye images too.
So it seems Rock64 isn’t supported any more and there won’t be bullseye update?

Latest bullseye image and archive for discontinued rock64
Rock64 main topic on the Armbian forum.

Seems Armbian themselves have discontinued support for their device according to their product page you link above. You’ll want to check with them directly on their forum if you cannot find support for a device – click here.

Moving to it’s own topic since someone else has also inquired about this.

This will keep you going for now on Bullseye, but you cannot expect future updates or software support from Armbian. You’ll want to migrate to a newer device at some point for on-going support. Cheers, and hope this helps you out.

Ah, thank you very much, I didn’t notice the bullseye release is there! :star_struck:
Overall it’s a sad news…
Maybe someone can recommend another board to look for future replacement?
I’m using it for small Nextcloud and xmpp server with attached SSD.
I saw that RockPro64 is supported on Armbian, but still no image on “Index of /downloads/”, so it’s not supported by NCP?

They are up to the fifth iteration on rockpi. They are very nice