Are you satisfied with OnlyOffice?


i wanted to use Nextcloud in Conjunction with OnlyOffice for a small research project.
Only a few persons participate, so the limitation from OO for max. 20 concurrent connections isn’t a problem.
But for days now i’m struggling with the connection from NC to OO without success.
And while searching on the net i find a lot of posts concerning the same or similar problems.
I followed for NC and OO the official installation instructions, so this is really disappointing.
And the support from OO does not seem to be very engaged, i always find the same recommendations which don’t hep.
So this situation is sad, and i’m asking myself if OO is the right solution.
Is it a reliable product ? What are your experiences ?
Please give feedback.



as long as I used it it worked flawlessly - no dataloss …

i could install it pretty smoothly after i migrated my system away from an ARM-based CPU.

If you don’t wanna give out more informations about the problematic system it’ll get pretty hard to find out what could be the cause for your problems.

thanks for your answer. This is a more general question, not precisely for my dedicated problem. Just to know if i’m headed in the rigth direction. I will clean my NC and OO installation and reinstall it, i changed to many config files to often.
If i’m experiencing the same problems again i will return here.


No it isn’t reliable. After Update to 20.01 it is not functional anymore. Support ist super bad. I do not like this anymore.

Hey @bernd.lentes
Do you use built in server OnlyOffice ? Or community edition ? Which tuto did you follow ?

i used an extra server for OO. A VM with Ubuntu 20.04
I installed the community edition.
I followed these instructions: