Are there limits to the IOS autoupload engine? 7000+ images to upload. Seems to stop at 3860 (ish.)


I’ve recently built a new v21 server for a friend. She has desperate need for some data management in her life. She has 7500 photos and videos on her iphone11.

Using the IOS client, I’ve successfully uploaded approximately 16Gb of photos which is 3860 files. There’s the same number again almost to go.

The phone seems to stop uploading at exactly the same photo. (I’ve done a clear cache and re-upload - same error - or lack of error occurs).

There are no extremely large files. PHP can use 2GB of RAM and max file upload size is 16GB.

Maybe my question should be, what sort of things should I do to troubleshoot? Right now, the client thinks its queue is 3300+ but nothing is uploading.