Are there conventions on dutch translation?

I subscribed to Transifex and started working on the Dutch translation. I got stuck on this one thing: in Dutch, ‘you’ can be translated in ‘je’ as well as ‘u’. At the moment they are used both alternately. This is inconsistent, making it difficult for the translators. And it makes the texts disorderly for end-users. Can we have a convention on this type of translations? Make a choice on ‘je/jij/jouw’ or ‘u/uw’ for all translations??

could you put this question in transifex? at dutch maintainers? maybe they will read it sooner than here :wink:

i know @rakekniven - he’s in charge of german translations. maybe he can help you getting in touch.

In Transifex I can’t find a suitable spot for posting this? is there a message board, forum or similar in Transifex? To me it seems you can only post comments on single items and strings?

for me personally transifex is a bit uncomfortable for discussions, right.

so a way you could go is: try to find the guys which are responsible for dutch and write them a notice (that’s possible)… or try to keep their nick in mind and try to find them here… adding a “@” in front of their nick while sending a comment would send them a note. IF they have the same account-details here in this forum (if they are at github, it’s possible…)

i know that’s not the best way…

plus: you can hope that someone will read your posting here and reply but this could (also) take some time


as @JimmyKater already said: Contact team members at Transifex.
Have you seen ?
Please check and make a posting there.

Best regards.

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Tnx for your reactions. I’ll start with a posting on Transifex at the link from @rakekniven. The choice for either one of the translations is a matter of taste or like. It will be hard getting 49 maintainers to make a choice when I can only reach them with a private message one by one…

Maybe I can start a poll somewhere?

How cool! There is already a discussion on Transifex on exactly this matter. Unfortunately the discussion ended in 2016 without a conclusion…

There is currently no way to address messages to group like you can do at GitHub.
Try to respond to old topic and see if someone steps in.

Currently dutch language has about 50 translators, but no reviewers or native team coordinators :-/
Please feel free to drop me a note if someone, maybe you, volunteers :slight_smile:

I responded to the discussion and sent all 49 translators a link by PM :blush: Some responded, most of them favour the informal translation. Where can I state a rule or convention on Transifex so new contributors will be made aware of this choice?

About the different roles on Transifex: I can’t find information on this. I found a contribution of someone who wants to be a reviewer, but can’t find an instruction on how to become one. What does it take to be a reviewer and how is this different from translator?

Hello Joost,

as already mentioned Transifex is not best at communication platform for teams. Also a kind of wiki is missing. This forum is also not the best place to add translation rules.
Some time ago I started a wiki page at GitHub.
Please see and feel free to add a dutch section.

Regarding user roles at Transifex:
Please see

You cannot become a reviewer yourself by editing any setting. Could you link to open request. I am happily will grant rights.