Are there any plans to improve the grid view for tablets?

Currently, around ⅔ of the available space is wasted on tablets.

On my tablet, the grid view looks like this:

Landscape mode

Portrait mode

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There is and so there have been discussions in the past but it is not a priority of any developer at the moment.

and well… your own issue :wink:

I’m talking about the grid view of pictures only.

Can’t you make a grid view for a pure picture folder?

In my opinion, that would be quickly and easy to realize, isn’t it?

It actually would be rather complicated and tricky. Since we would have to handle this completely different within showing file lists that have a 2-pane layout on tablets. It really is hard to achive imho :frowning:

Is there an alternative app for just displaying photos out of Nextcloud?

LMGTFY, there is but I can’t say if that’ll fit your requirements

That app does not work.

It worked when I tested it briefly.