Are redirects to fun3 normal/legitimate?

Hi all,

I observe regular redirects to /fuN3, in apache2/error.log :

[Fri Apr 22 00:06:52.803164 2022] [rewrite:trace1] [pid 27306] mod_rewrite.c(483): [client] - - [][rid#7f45456020a0/initial] redirect to https:///fuN3 [REDIRECT/302]

(NextCloud version: 22.2.6 - PHP: 7.3 - Apache: 2.4 - Debian: 10)

what do they correspond to?

Thanks in advance,


Is someone else hosting your Nextcloud?
Is this a one click deployment? Digital ocean, etc… Ask them… your VPS provider or other hosting service.

Thanks for your suggestion, but NextCloud is managed on premice… i need to understand what is happening.
we can retain from the logs only the interesting information:

init rewrite engine with requested uri /fuN3
applying pattern '(.*)' to uri '/fuN3'
rewrite '/fuN3' -> 'https:///fuN3'
explicitly forcing redirect with https:///fuN3
escaping https:///fuN3 for redirect
redirect to https:///fuN3 [REDIRECT/302]

any idea ?


Yeah, a 302 redirect was setup for some reason. Must be locally, so check your DNS settings and routing config.

If you have co-workers you can ask them. No further suggestions beyond teaching yourself more about 302 redirects. Cheers.