Are NextCloud data files encrypted on the server?

I share a server with someone who has FTP access to the server. I want to install NextCloud but I do not want the other person to be able to have access to anything I put in NextCloud. Are the files, documents and images I upload to the server stored as plain files or encrypted?

Hi @Amandaville, by default nextcloud store plain files but you can enable encryption module. This module encrypts only data user but some apps do not work when it is enabled.

see this for more information about encryption : Encryption details — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

if you use it check if your apps can works with encryption.

Can you clarify what you mean when you say some apps do not work? I use Linux on my desktop and laptop, and I use an Android phone. Will I be able to access my files with these devices with encryption enabled?

@Amandaville you can access your files using nextcloud desktop /mobile app or web page. i’m talking about nextcloud apps server like extract app, group folder and others apps.
in the description, it says that :

Encrypted files are not supported yet

if you access your files by another way than nextcloud web page or using desktop/mobile apps, your files will not be readable.