Are 'itemsperpage' and 'totalitems' always empty in API response?

When using the OCS API for Nextcloud, responses typically have a structure like this:

{“ocs”:{“meta”:{“status”:“ok”,“statuscode”:100,“message”:“OK”,“totalitems”:“”,“itemsperpage”:“”},“data”: {}}

The “ocs”/“meta” section contains two entries “totalitems” and “itemsperpage”.
For me these always showed up empty.
I assumed that when fetching a list of items (e.g. usernames, etc), once we hit a certain number, we get paged responses.
But when looking at the codebase, I don’t see any case where V1Response or V2Response objects get created with $itemsCount or $itemsPerPage other than NULL.
I tried with 350 users and always received the full list of ids. Perhaps this was not enough yet :slight_smile:

So, when writing code that calls the API, do we ever need to check “totalitems” and “itemsperpage”?