Archlinux: failed to execute program org.kde.kwalletd

I’m using the nextcloud client 2.2.4 from the AUR nextcloud-client package on three different arch linux installed machines. On one of the three, when the nextcloud client starts, it keeps asking for the account password, telling that it could not open wallet, failed to execute org.kde.kwalletd, not such file or directory.

I checked if kio and kwallet are installed, they are, version 5.28. I tried to downgrade to 5.27, because I can remember that everything was working correctly not so long ago. But that didn’t solve anything.

Any idea someone ?

Edit : I’m using Gnome Shell 3.22

I ran into the same problem recently on a fresh install and was able to solve it by installing the package kdebase-runtime.

Hey, thanks for your answer @DSAlpha200 !

But since a few days, the problem solved itself, I don’t know how, and on my machine kdebase-runtime isn’t installed. So I still don’t know what happened.