Archive for files

the idea is to have archive mechanism for unused files. I would like to have folder, let’s say _archive (or whatever which would be defined) to which I would move files which are no longer necessary (finished projects, old documents, mails, …). It doesn’t matter in which folder the _archive would be located. I would make it where I need it. If I had folder with projects, I would make there _archive and move finished project. So the idea is to have an archive location, which would be set in profile, to where these _archive contents be moved.

OK. Example would be better

Folder which I wanna archive: /company/projects/gdpr/customer1

I gonna make folder /company/projects/gdpr/ _archive and move there above folder customer1

I have archive location in profile: ftp://archive/

The archive mechanism would go through all user folders (not shared) and if find _archive folder, move all the content with the same path to archive location. Because there are more users in NC, they would move them to folder with name of user. So, for shared folders they would be archived under the name who shared them. Finally there would be:


and the _archive location in folder: /company/projects/gdpr/customer1would be empty.

For that purpose i have installed a second instance of Nextcloud on a separated virtual host.

I believe it would be easier to implement this through restricted (i.e. system wide) tags instead of file transfer to an “archived” folder. However, this approach has to implemented in the core of the NC other than in an additional app. Actually, implementing tags in the core; especially hierarchical tags; will give NC a big boost in terms of flexibility and agility.