Apt upgrade replaced Nextcloud with OCC 10.1


A few month ago I migrated Owncloud 10 to Nextcloud and it was working a charm.
Today I executed a simple apt-get upgrade and from this moment…it seems that OCC is back, but not working.

I got this error on my server homepage (same after I restarted the server):

Downgrading is not supported and is likely to cause unpredictable issues (from to

I tried to migrate again but the migration tool stops at the first step with this error:

Current version is 10.1.0.
Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.

What can I do?
I run on Ubuntu server 16.04.6 with Nginx php-fpm 7.0


The warning is actually quite good, so it just replaced the code but didn’t execute anything. If you remove the ownCloud code (delete everything except data/ and config/ folder). Then get the NC 13 code back in (e.g. from the official archive: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/#latest13).

Then make sure that your system does not think it has the ownCloud package installed, so that this won’t happen again. Check your system manual how to remove a package without deleting the data.

And of course, do a backup of your setup before!

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thanks you saved my day :slight_smile: