Appstore search (n00b question)

Hi NextCloud community.

I’m new to NextCloud and am trying it out, so far I like it :smile:

However I do find the app store to be a bit of a pain, as I’ll google search and find an app that I like. But as far as I can tell, I need to go to the store with my admin account (which makes sense), and then somehow divine what category the app I wish to install happens to be in? This means I can try searching half a dozen categories or so for one app.

Is there a way to search the whole store (or even view the whole store and use my browser search) if I know the exact name of the app or even part of the name?

I apologize if my terminology is wrong, I’m not looking at my nextcloud install as I type this…

Thanks in advance!

PS: Jenky, but acceptable, would be a CLI way to search/install apps.

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