Appstore missing after manual Upgrade NC16 to NC17

Please help! After trying upgrading my Nextcloud 16.0.10 to NC17.0.06 I can’t see any apps in the appstore. Only the apps that are installed.

I can install a fresh NC17 with working appstore. But when I transfer the NC16 data and database the appstore seems to be gone !?!

See my other post: "Could not connect to the appstore ..." after NC upgrade from 16.0.10 to 17.0.6

Same here, 21.0.4, all of a sudden I see only those basic installed, active, bundled. No categories anymore.

The App Store is down or/and really slow at the moment. Since a Nextcloud update was released today, I assume that the store is simply overloaded. Just wait for a few hours.

$ curl --max-time 10
curl: (28) Operation timed out after 10003 milliseconds with 0 bytes received