Apps won't load after update v24 and v25

Hi there,

  1. We faced an error after update to 24, we found a way to fix it. We updated at latest stable version 25.0.1 and we get the same error. Apps won’t load.
    We fixed it with the same procedure, that is: /lib/private/App/PlatformRepository.php
    and replace: $prettyVersion = $ext->getVersion();
    and we replace it with: $prettyVersion = ‘25.0.1’;
    This fix at least give as “normal” access to all apps.
  2. Today we get another error in drawio app. I recieved notification to update, but when I try to, I get error “An error occurred during the request. Unable to proceed.
    Extracted app drawio has more than 1 folder”. Tried to remove and “download and enable” again but unable to do that as we get the same error.

Have you seen this fix…


Yes, seems to work well for the first error.
About the drawio app I see it’s a bug of the app, hope they will fix it soon.