Apps on server not showing on mobile

I just set up my first Nextcloud server and everything went smooth however I added several apps on the server but they dont show on the mobile app so I was wondering if there are limitations there.

For instances I installed Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks however I do not see them directly on my mobile app.

I noticed and downloaded the Nextcloud Talk app as well.

Forgive the noob question but of course Im just trying to wrap my head around everything.

Thanks for any guidance!

Hi :slight_smile:

The mobile app is just for the files. However, there are some other apps like the Talk app, some even by third party publishers :+1:

Ok then, thank you.

So you cant access calendars and so forth from your phone.

Good to know!

Yes, you can :slight_smile: They are available via CardDAV/CalDAV :+1: