should show description

When browsing for interesting new apps I also find apps without any description of what it realy does.
Can’t this be completed?

ie. a dashboard for nextcloud… great… a new, another what? track users with Piwik… awesome… is there anything on how?
There are lots more of them…

The information is very little to none…

Well, the issue trackers are linked so why don’t you file issues? The description element is already mandatory fyi: so it’s not like devs simply forget to add text


If it was a problem with the app itself I consider it an issue else it is a generic question. I do not plan to file issues for each app without a description.
The description field being mandatory apparently does not forbid devs to just add the “mere nothing” description as in sample piwik.

I see the dashboard now is completed with a full description and screenshots… that is great… This allows me to see it may be just that app I need… and in this case, maybe it is…

By the way your NEWS app does have a proper description. I can read and find the info I need…
I like that! Way to go!

I do not plan to file issues for each app without a description.

You should however file issues for apps that you are trying to use and don’t know what they do from the description. No need to file issues for everything :wink:

My experience is, rather than “waisting” time to file an issue for something I don’t even know if it’s “worth” it, I simply don’t install the app and move along. It’s not about being ignorant, or not being loyal to the community, it’s about time resources.