Apps - news: Can't acces news from firefox

hey all… i know it may sound totally noob for you… but i didn’t find out how to connect to my news-app in nc 12.0.1 using ifrefox built-in features.

am thankful for any hints.

what are “Firefox build in feature” for news ?

see how much of an noob i am with this?? :grin:

i was referring to like the dynamic bookmarks.

Nextcloud news app is used in another way, you do not have to access them with a news client but from a nextcloud news reader.
You can access directly via the Nextcloud web interface, or for Android there is a Nextcloud news reader ( or free on f- Droid

awww i see. and i mistook the “news”-app completely. like i thought that it would give me the opportunity to see all the news in a dynamic link or rss-feeder and not only in my NC.

thanks for making this clear to me.