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Hello to everyone,

I am a new user of Nexcloud :slight_smile: and wanna say thanks to everyone for this beautiful product!

My problem is I’m not a developer, nor programmer, just a user.
I’d like to use some apps slightly modified for my company’s daily activity - e.g. Activity Log to have an option for displaying activities only within a certain group - and therefore I’m trying to find the right person for this.
Is there any section on Nexcloud’s site for this? Is it possible to contact the developer of a certain app?


Use GitHub:

Thanks! Is this the default Activity app that installs out of the box?



Bernhard, maybe I did not ask the right question.
I found another Activity Log 0.0.1 (in Nexcloud app store, by Extensys ) with more options than the default one, which I’d like to use (it lets me filter the period, users, etc). The problem is that the users from Group1 can see what other users from Group2 are doing and that’s why I need some kind of filter, to prevent this. I want users to see only inside their group.

I think the best option is to ask the developer if he/she is willing to make a customized version. Finding another developer, with no experience in Nextcloud app, will take more time and definitely will be more expensive…

Same thing with this one I can definitely use a modified version.

Not being a programmer is quite challenging :grin:

I see, then either ask the dev directly (if possible) or pose your question in here:

But how to contact the dev? This is THE question :))

Check the info.xml:

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