Apps compatible with wich version (List / Filter)

is there any list where one can see wich app is compatible with wich version of NC? Some apps wich worked like a charme in 19.X dont work in 20.X. Downgrade is impossible. Not such a good idea?!

Would be ggreat to have a list with the requirements of the apps or a filter in the Appstore where you can choose your desired Version and see the compatible apps.

A list really would be great to avoid bad surprises after any update.

Thx & CU


Unfortunately a list doesn’t exist which you can use to get an overview which apps are available for a specific Nextcloud version. You can use the app store and verify all apps manually and check if apps are available.

Additionally it should be possible to get missing apps for a new Nextcloud version displayed under “Settings > Management > Overview > Version” as soon as an update is propagated. Afaik, the former CanIUpdate app functions have been merged into the Update notification app since Nextcloud 14.