Apporder Subdomain Landing Page URL wrong - everything else fine

I’ve installed Nextcloud on my web site, and seems to be working fine.

I’ve configured a subdomain, nextcloud.domain.tld and pointed the document root appropriately.

http://nextcloud.domain.tld takes me nicely to the login page.

BUT if I log in, the URL I then get sent to is incorrect:

The ‘nextcloud’ subdir should not be there.

If I then remove the superfluous directory and go straight to:

then everything appears to work fine from here on in.

Is this a bug with url generation? Seems to only affect the after log in landing page.
Or is there some config to change?

Please check your configuration. Names may differ slightly


Perhaps there is somewhere a nextcloud you do not need.

I’ve worked out that is a problem with the app “apporder” which I had set as my defaultapp in config. It was using the wrong URL for the landing page after login.