Just wanted to say these two apps, used together, are awesome!

It takes a moment of learning in the option-rich configuration side of Custom Menu (side menu) to get the hang of what gets managed by AppOrder (the top/default menu bar) and what gets displayed on the sidebar, but after it’s all configured… so nice.

I’d say these should be default NC apps, but I understand some users/devs may want a more minimalistic approach to the menu. Thank you to the all of the developers! Especially NC team of course :slight_smile:

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i moved this to the praise-category. I think it fits better here.

I’m sure app-devs would like your comment! Plus you’re right.

Just one thing: everyone can define their own standard-app

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One more to add that I forgot about for this overall solutions is EXTERNAL SITES:

External Sites app let’s us add (APPORDER aware) “External Sites” (custom links) to the menu system. For us, these External Sites are actually links to interal resources that we would like to display on the menu. Although, they could be externally hosted/SAAS subscription type service links as well.

Together these 3 apps have made our menu system pretty darn nice.

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Thanks for this great feedback! :slight_smile:


I think the advantage of the normal Nextcloud Menu is the fact that the user knows the symbols of the most used apps on the upper left side and after activating an app like “files” on the left side is the context menu of the app “files”. I like it.

I’d like to add a +1 one this. This combination is just the way to go. Literally want exactly this… okay, along with file tree view on the left hand side… I’m done. Very cool.