Appointments in Two Languages for Two Websites? And: How to change the content of e-mail confirmations


Experimenting with the appointment and calendar apps, I thought I could use them as a public booking calendar on my websites. One website is in English, the other one in German. While, when logged in, each Nextcloud user can have different languages, and then the appointment app will also be in that language, it seems that, once publish, the app will only be viewable in that language that the administrator has generally set. Is there any way to have, in one installation, the public pages for making an appointment in one language or the other, as one wishes?

Or would I have to have two Nextcloud installations, one in each langauge?

Also: Is it possible to adapt the contents of the e-mails being sent to the person who has set an appointment? To comply with the GDPR, those e-mails would have to contain contact data (not only the phone number or e-mail, but also postal address data.

Is it possible to set those, and how?

I would be thankful for advice.