Appointments: How to set availability

I recently had a look into the the Appointments app but when setting up free slots for appointments I can only do so Monday to Friday from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. How can I adjust my general availability to also include hours outside and weekends?

Can you please provide some more information about your environment and the used software versions etc. What “appointment app” do you exactly mean, the “Calendar app”? Where do you exactly see a restriction of the availability being displayed? Maybe it would be worse to provide a screenshot?!

there is a kind of new separate appointment app available on the appstore. there once was even a great documentation to it… which now isn’t available.

Ah, I see. He meant the Appointments app to book appointments over the internet. Unfortunately I haven’t used it yet, so that I cannot provide any valuable help. What about the Settings dialog in the lower left corner. Does it provide any related configuration settings?

As I can see, this is not implemented. But you can move your available timeslots after creation from weekdays to the weekend.

Hey :slight_smile:

Same problem over here: we need sundays and 24h.

Sergey Mosin, the developer offers some functions for a license key when you buy him a coffee, but it is not mentioned if it means also Sundays and 24h.

I wrote him drectly via github and asked him, what is up with that.

I can not really believe he does not implement 24h and Sundays - it does not make really sense :smiley:

Otherwise somebody should enhance the source code - it is only a variable to fix it… :smiley:

do I see YOUR hand raising here to volonteer doing it? :heart_eyes_cat:

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Heyho JimmKater,

yeah, we thought so, to do it like this ^^ How do you mean that? :slight_smile:

We are close to a start of a small underground stream-jam-event and we are less people - i really thought about to have look to the source-code.

Wir können auch Deutsch reden, wenn Du möchtest ^^

yeah… i am strongly encouraging you doing it. Nextcloud lives by it’s community. So why not just doing it and adding as PR?

if we would be in the german subforum we could do that… but as we’re communicating on the international part of the forum I’d rather stay to english since it’s the standard here.

You are right - it is better for the other hands to read it :slight_smile:

that would be really nice - because i am alone this moment to fix all the other things in that project we have just started a couple of days ago.

The systems engineer is sick this moment and is able to support again when we start the stream event on Sunday.

So, how do you want to fix that - we can mention you on our website with the biggest hugs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Maybe we can sent you a coffe :slight_smile:

huh? it wasn’t about me… I wasn’t claiming that coding something was easy and thus raising my hand for some volonteerwork.

I pay my “dues” by being here on the forum :wink:

But yeah… thanks for your hugs. They are very well appreciated here :slight_smile: I’m gonna pass them on to everyone in need of some hugs in these days and age… :heart: :heart_eyes:

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i already have a look - but it will not be fixed these days - only with some luck, i guess.