Applying for a wildcard certificate via ncp-letsencrypt

hey forum,

i’m running nc 18.0.3 (not yet updated) and ncp 1.24.3
i have used both boxed in ncp-letsencrypt for (successully) applying for a certificate for a subdomain-setup… like clouds.acrossthe.moon

so now i was wondering if i could just apply for a wildcard certificate for *.acrossthe.moon just by entering this wildcard-domain… or how else i would apply for a wildcardcertificate for all_subdomains.acrossthe.moon.

am looking forward to your comments here… and am willing to give out more info about my instance if needed (just ask)


Hi @JimmyKater
Check out wildcard tab at

some wildcard examples

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Afaik Let’s Encrypt only supports wildcard certificates if you have full control over your internet DNS record and you’re using dns-01 as a protocol. You need to set a TXT record to a specific string, which is then checked by Let’s Encrypt to verify the ownership of a domain.

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i do have full control over my domains… that wouldn’t be the problem.

but sadly enough it’s not as easy as i thought it would be… i read the instructions on the link @OliverV gave out and yes… that would be doable - so thank you, @OliverV
and thanks, of course, @j-ed

awww. and the answer would be: no, it’s not possible to gain yourself a wildcard-certificate using ncp-letsencrypt (at least not right now)