Apple Silicon version of Nextcloud Desktop client

Just wondering when this might be available? I have a new Mac Mini M1. The Intel version of the Nextcloud Desktop Client works fine under Rosetta 2, but it would be great to have a native version.


big upvote for this issue because it eats a lot of ressources Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-09 um 23.23.47|592x368


Big up vote too !
I would also like the smart synchronization (Downloadable file on demand and visible in the Mac directory, like iCloud or Dropbox)


Add me to the list on this one.

any news ?

According the Owncloud devs they’re waiting on QT 6.2. The ETA looks like it could be Q3 2021. Attempted Apple Silicon builds using QT 6.1 are currently unsuccessful.

Have people tried to build their own using source from github? It’s not impossible, but getting compatible pieces takes some patience and ingenuity. MacPorts has Qt5, and 3.x versions of the desktop client support that, right?