Apple Documents (Pages, Numbers) showing as folders

Just set up a Nextcloud Box, really happy with how it’s working so far (version 11.0.1). We have a NAS (FreeNAS) that’s sharing several WebDav shares to our Nextcloud box.

Apple iWork documents (Pages, Numbers etc) stored on these shares are showing up as folders in the Nextcloud web interface (as well as the iOS app).

I know this isn’t necessarily a bug (as the documents are basically a packaged folder structure), but maybe it would be a feature request to show these as documents that can be shared/downloaded etc.

Ah, never mind. Found that this has already been added

After a bit of testing, I found that opening and saving the .numbers file in a newer version of Numbers fixed the issue. :blush:

We are having the same issue, is a new version of numbers the only way to fix this issue? What makes the difference between a newer version and an older version. It’s still saving in the same file extension isnt it?

Not sure to be honest with you. As Pages/Numbers/Keynote are now free, there’s no reason to not update and see if this fixes the issue for you too :+1:

wish it was that easy. we have lets say hundreds if not thousands of older .numbers files it would take forever to open and close all of them. wish there was some other way. I found some old vnd minetypes on the net and tried to add them to our nextcloud install but no dice.

Dam. Hopefully someone from the Nextcloud team can shed some light.
To be honest, I don’t remember going through every document on our drives and saving them again with the new version. Could be worth doing a little test with one or two of your files to see if saving with the latest version fixes things, then see if other files are still having problems…