App update release process: marking releases as stable

This is probably a dumb question, but I took over an existing app and I’m a little short on documentation, so I’m a little confused. I updated the app on the store earlier in the week through the web interface, using the instructions here. The update went through, and I can see the versions in the store, but they’re marked as unstable.
I thought at first that this meant that people from Nextcloud needed to test it before marking it as stable, but there’s nothing in the documentation. While it’s still marked as unstable, my boss can’t directly install it on the Nextcloud server.
Am I missing a step of the process to get the releases approved, or do I just need to be patient?

Unstable is done based on the app version. Make sure it does not contain -beta, -alpha, -dev and -rc.
You have a link to the app?

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It’s here, but in that case it’s probably something I messed up in creating the releases, so I can fix the naming now. Thanks!

The -git bit is the problem.
It should be fixed with
But maybe that was not deployed yet :thinking:

I’ll watch that for now and retry when it’s deployed, then - unfortunately I can’t figure out where I might have gone wrong in the update

The version number here.
If you remove the -git… part it will be stable


Oh! That’s great, then I can fix it in the scripts too. Thanks!